Mike Defensor to weaponize MMDA against QC Mayor Joy Belmonte? Hope not.


Mike Defensor, again, missed the point. Manong Johnny Enrile, the legal adviser of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior, is talking about political ethics and not solely on legalities.

When a losing poll bet attends a meeting with officials of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, a body composed of several city mayors comprising Metropolitan Manila, what message is being communicated there, particularly to Quezon City mayor Joy Belmonte who recently vanquished Defensor in a poll contest that saw nearly 300,000 Quezon City residents shouting their disgusts against Defensor to high heavens? Was the message clear enough?

Is Defensor telling us that he intends to use the MMDA as his political weapon against the person who defeated him in a very lopsided contest? Possibly. Is Joy Belmonte not a member of the executive department already under the management of Defensor’s friend, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior?

Sa totoo, parang “in your face” naman ang dating ni Mike. Parang sinasabi “di pa tapos ang laban” nila ni Joy B. For Quezon City residents, malinaw ang naging desisyon ng hinampalan. Ibig bagang sabihin ni Defensor na hindi pa tapos dahil magiging chairman siya ng MMDA? Por Dios por Santo, kelan ba pwedeng tanggapin ang isang pagkatalo? Hindi pa ba malinaw ang 300,000 boto laban sa isang kandidato?

First, Defensor says he went there because he was invited. Okay, he most probably was. He says MMDA officials want him to share his experience in preparations for Balik Eswela.

Question–since when did Defensor take part in a balik eskwela campaign? He was not an executive of the Duterte administration. As the Executive secretary of former president Gloria Arroyo, Defensor was not, to our mind, assigned specifically for such jobs. Besides, when Defensor served as such during Arroyo’s time, he probably did so in a national capacity, not Metro Manila.

MMDA OIC Carlos Dimayuga says he invited Defensor as a friend. Okay, but when Dimayuga did the invitation, he sent a very wrong message– that he is, in fact, just there to hold that position for Defensor. It was as if Dimayuga had just ruined his own reputation. How would Dimayuga exercise authority over MMDA officials and personnel when he himself admitted and showed it publicly that the game plan was just to hold the MMDA post, at the same time, Defensor recuperates from his political loss.

Nothing wrong with this except that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Quezon City is a significant contributor to the MMDA.

Will President Bongbong allow this thing to happen? Haist.

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