Manifesto for fair and truthful reporting on 2022 polls gaining support


A manifesto circulating online pledging fair and truthful coverage of the upcoming 2022 polls is gaining support among both media practitioners and organizations.


As of Monday afternoon, the number of press entities that signified their backing to the manifesto was approaching 50, while the number of media practitioners was nearing 200.


The online manifesto specifically states that the signatories or those pleding support will:

• Put voters and the integrity of the electoral process at the center of our reporting;
• Focus on issues not just on personalities;
• Examine the track record and qualifications of candidates and political parties vying for
public office and hold them accountable for the veracity and honesty of their every
statement and promise;
• Cover as responsible and accountable the institutions mandated to ensure an even,
orderly, and credible electoral playing field;
• Stand in solidarity with each other when any journalist or news organization is harassed
by state agents, political parties, candidates, or private groups for their
evidence-based journalism; and
• Be accountable to the public. We will hold each other to higher standards of impartiality,
credibility, and integrity.


Also, the signatories or those expressing support vow to challenge statements and claims made that have no basis; avoid amplifying falsehoods, hate speech and incitements to violence; and monitor and report on the partisan activities of entities that should remain neutral during polls, like law enforcement agencies, Commission in Elections, courts and various government agencies.


They also vowed to be on the alert for vote buying and use of public funds for the polls.


Those who wish to support the manifesto can go to this link


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