Quezon Governor Suarez fumbles over Sputnik vaccines


He was really emphatic and very proud when he claimed that he, Governor Danilo “Danny” Suarez was able to procure “several unknown quantities” of the Sputnik Gamaleya vaccines thanks to his “special skills” and of course, links with Health secretary Francisco Duque III.

Suarez was so sure, he repeated the fact that he got “several unknown quantities” of Sputnik Gamaleya from the Russian Gamaleya Institute several times over before members of the National Press Club.

Unknown to the Governor, Philippine vaccine czar Galvez says these vaccines which the first batch is around 15,000 doses, haven’t arrived yet and they expect these vaccines to arrive by April 28. Meaning, there is still no Sputnik Gamaleya vaccines in the country.

Worse, these initial doses will be given to local government units in Metro Manila first, because these vaccines need refrigerated storages. So, there is no assurance that Quezon province will really get some of these vaccines not in the immediate future.

So, where did Governor Suarez got the idea that he already have Sputnik Gamaleya vaccines? Is he lying or was he fed with wrongful information?

Haist. I pity the residents of Quezon. The Governor admitted that he’s already tired and wants nothing more than go back to Congress.

That explains why the province is getting a spike of new COVID-19 cases because vaccination coverage is the lowest among provinces in the CALABARZON.

Governor Suarez should explain to the people if he just pulled our legs so that  people will not go up in arms over the way his administration is handling the pandemic.

Suarez probably panicked and spewed information that instead of him defending his absence or non-performance of duties, according to media reports, he looked like a desperate man.

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