US Senate votes down objection to Pennsylvania electoral vote


After a protest that momentarily stopped certification hearings of the electoral votes last November’s US presidential elections, 97 members of the US senate today voted “nay” in objecting to the twenty electoral votes President-elect Joe Biden got from the state during the elections. Two Republican representatives described the Pennsylvania elections as “graft and fraud ridden.”

Only 7 members of the Senate voted to allow the objection.

Since the matter was endorsed by members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, both chambers ended their joint session.

Vice President Mike Pence who sits before the Senate read the voting. Pence now directed the Senate’s secretary to communicate the vote of the Senate to the House of Representatives for the eventual re-convening of their joint session.

By tradition, certification elections conducted by the House are customary and are only ministerial by nature, meaning, House intends to just certify the votes already cast by electors to a particular candidate at the electoral college.

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