Duterte appeals to public: Listen to Reason


In his latest public address, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte urged the Filipino public to listen to reason and not believe on the supposed “lies” of the “Yellow opposition.”

“Huwag po sana kayong maniwala dyan sa mga dilawan, opposition na hampas dito, hampas doon, kung ano pinagsasabi.For as long as the virus lives on this planet, we are put in real danger. So don’t believe then. If you believe them, you will get to be despondent, or well… put to more stress,” Duterte said partly in the vernacular.

Duterte reacted to several reports alleging the administration’s incompetence in addressing the major issues about government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upon hearing of Duterte’s plea, many are asking– what are those which the so-called “yellow opposition” said that piqued the president?

Is it the rampant overpricing of COVID-19 medical equipment that Senator Franklin Drilon just recently discovered? Is the President saying that this is a lie?

Or the involvement of his good friend, Ricardo Morales in the corruption inside PhilHealth? Not just Morales, but other members of the Davao Group?

Or the thousands of impoverished Filipino families not getting any from the promised ayuda?

Why no one from the finger pointed Davao Group was impleaded in the complaint?

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