Alliance of Concerned Teachers call for abrogation of VFA


The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines has honored fallen Filipino heroes and demanded justice for victims of United States wars of aggression.

The Philippines recently commemorated the 121st year since the first and largest battle of the Philippine-American War that started in February 4, 1899.

According to ACT in their statement on Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos died during the historic Filipino-American war in pursuit of the national sovereignty, more died thereafter as the US maintained its stronghold on the territories and its domination over the Philippine politics and economy.

ACT said US domination over the Philippines remains through various lopsided agreements, such as the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and other military treaties that granted the former free and unlimited access to Philippine territories to serve as their military bases.

They said human rights violations (HRVs) run rampant where American soldiers are, aggravated by the impunity that is guaranteed by said agreements.

“The VFA and other lopsided treaties and agreements with the US must immediately be abrogated. Justice for all the victims of US wars of aggression! Justice for all the victims of the terrorist government of the USA!,” said ACT.

“To truly honor the fallen, we must continue the fight for genuine liberation and for social justice. We will persist in the struggle for national sovereignty and for just peace,” said ACT.

“Since Spain slyly sold the Philippines to the US in the 1898 Treaty of Paris, US has terrorized our peoples and seized our lands and resources.

Meanwhile, Filipinos who have struggled for genuine liberation of our nation were branded as insurgents by the imperialist US. To this day, the Philippine government’s counter insurgency programs and policies puppet that of the US government,” said ACT.

ACT cited more known cases that include the subic rape case committed by US Marine Daniel Smith and the rape and murder of Jennifer Laude by US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Lesser known but equally grave cases of abuses and HRVs include those committed under the Philippines’ counterinsurgency programs which follow the dictates of and are supplemented by the US government.

Toiling masses suffered terribly through massive displacement, harassment, and murder in the hands of these soldiers and our own whom they have trained, they said./STACY ANG

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