Philippine politics turning into “Taiwanese”? China moves to support pro-China Filipino elite clique


In Taiwan, there are two main political groups: the Kuomintang Party, which assumes a pro-China stance, and the DPP, which recognizes the outlook most Taiwanese take, that is, to continue living under what they describe as a “de facto” independence from China. This means they want to minimize or mitigate the effects of declaring a “de jure” independence since most Taiwanese people think such pronouncements are unnecessary since they have lived independently from the mainland since 1959 or even centuries prior.

I am raising this today in comparison with the evolving dynamics of Philippine politics. After two pro-China administrations (Arroyo and Duterte), it seems that we pivoted back to a Western-oriented foreign policy. Despite being the son of a former dictator, Marcos Junior is behaving uncannily like a liberal democrat. I am not entirely surprised, given that our president has been schooled in one of the West’s finest academies, although, wasn’t able to finish any course. What’s important here is his mindset–Marcos Junior, and most of us would be shocked to hear this, is a damned Liberal Democrat. Is this good or bad?

Well, it’s good simply because I think more than half of the world still behaves like a liberal democrat. Those who despise liberal democracy constitute less than half of the world and their tactics are simply harmful to global peace and security.

Frankly, Marcos junior tries to be a better version of his father during his senior years, a revelation if you ask me. He is dead serious in avoiding disunity and wants to work with anyone who shares the true vision of seeing this country rise from the decades-old ashes of parasitic politics and Oligarchical-dominated economy.

Now, this is the dangerous thing that is totally uncool.

The pro-China political clique led by former presidents Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Rodrigo Duterte is trying to consolidate its forces and flex their muscles. This is not for the midterm elections only; rather they are hell-bent in reversing the political, economic and foreign policy gains of the Marcos Junior administration simply because of its Western orientation. The clique’s boss–leaders of Communist China– is now re-assessing its moves in the Indo-Pacific. Let’s face it– the United States totally out maneuvered them, obviously frustrating their hegemonic ambitions in the region. Worst, it seems that the West has taken the Philippines back into its fold and is being assisted greatly by the West in strengthening its defenses and security. Remember that this is exactly what the Philippines was during the post-War, Cold War years. In less than a year, the Philippines became a stronger force that enabled other key ASEAN countries to do the same thing—create a stronger regional alliance against a more threatening China.

With ASEAN under the strong hold of the West, China would have to think twice in its plan of claiming sovereignty over islands in the Spratlys group. One indication that the Philippine moves became highly beneficial for this country and the rest of the region was the recent Chinese incursion into the claimed territories of Vietnam and its eventual pullout after sensing that they are clearly committing a grievous error.

The only thing left for China is also quite obvious— stir the political pot and create a destabilizing situation that would eventually allow its political lackeys to assume greater national posts. This is what China is doing in Taiwan and is doing in the Philippines as well. Of course, we, ordinary Filipino Observers don’t see it because hey, these pro-Communist China leaders are hiding themselves behind sheep’s clothing, posturing as “nationalists” when, in truth and in fact, they are pursuing Communist China’s interests in the Philippines. They have created grassroots organizations, created along the lines of democratic centralism, which is the organizational mantra of the Communist Party of China (CPC). These organizations, funded by Chinese Communists here in our country, are organized specifically in support of pro-China political leaders who created an image of themselves as promoters of order when they are agents of chaos.

Opps, I don’t want to be misinterpreted here. I share the visions of the CPC, but strongly oppose the Party’s imperialist plans in this region, particularly in my country, the Philippines. I am also friends with the Chinese people, except those whose dreams are to occupy and conquer another independent people, such as the Filipino people. If China’s leaders reform and just concentrate on helping the world cure its economic and socio-political ills, it is not far-fetched for China to be accepted internationally as a superpower. Meaning, I am encouraging China to exercise soft power instead of playing a most dangerous game with the United States and the liberal Western world. China’s leaders must always read their history and avoid the pitfalls and terrible wrongful decisions its leaders once did in their sordid past.

Seeing this to be true, I am quite fearful of the upcoming political intramurals prior to July 24–the day when Marcos Junior announces his second State of the Nation address. ¬†Clearly, there are still destabilization forces out there working behind the shadows, and the possibility of electing a new speaker and a new Senate president looms large. A weakened House and Senate is a possibility that is something extremely dangerous to the security of this country because it might lead to the downfall of Marcos Junior and replaced by “you know who” whose pro-China bias is quite obvious and her patriotism under highly questionable status. Pro-democratic forces in the Philippines must think twice dealing with these pro-China political clique. The fact is, this is the best time for these pro-democratic forces to consolidate and strengthen themselves and posture as the true genuine opposition. It is time for democratic forces in the Philippines to reclaim their former reputation as “opposition” and expose the farcical masks of these pro-China forces, the very same way, the Taiwanese people do in treating the Kuomintang.

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