NWRB grants additonal water allocations


THE National Water Resources Board had approved the request of the Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) for an additonal two cubic meters per second allocation to the water concessionaires for the duration of the dry season or until the end of May.

“The board of NWRB decided to grant the request of MWSS to grant the allocation of 52 cms (cubic meters per second) during the month of April,” NWRB Executive Director Dr. Sevillo David Jr. said.

“Tiningnan naman natin,  kaya naman pong i-accommodate ‘yung additional 2 cms para maging 52 siya for the period of April and of course, likewise, yung May,” David added.

Both Manila Water and Maynilad have sought for additional allocations.

The NWRB said that they are aiming to avoid the repeat of the 2019 situation where the water levels in the dams went down below the critical level.

After the NWRB approval, this means that starting April 16 until the end of May, the water allocation will be at 52 cubic meters per second.

Last April 1, instead of reducing the water allocation to 48 cms, the NWRB said that they allowed a status quo of 50 cms until April 15.

This is to ensure the supply of the Angat Dam.

The MWSS is required though to submit various documents to ensure then implementation.

The NWRB had renewed their appeal to the public to continue conserving water.

David Jr. warlier said that they had carefully weighed in on the issue, in particular the threat of the dams being dried up or going way below the critical level is looming due to the El Nino.

“We have to be cautious in granting at ah masasabi natin na nasa conservation tayo in managing the situation sa angat dam considering this ah advisory in El Niño,” David earlier

David said they understand it is difficult for the public as Maynilad is implementing water interruptions.

Catherine R. Cueto 

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