Makakalikasan Party supports government funding for political parties


The Makakalikasan Party understands the low public trust of political parties in the country. But the Party believes it a strategic political reform move to support the development of new, issue-based and ideology/principle-based, non-personality based and non-”trapo” (traditional politics of guns, goons and gold)-based political parties. And leveling the playing ground for political parties with public funding support would be the fastest way to  reach this reform goal.

However; the Party will not support any bill that will prioritize public funding to already established or incumbent political parties now as this will only reinforce the current set of those who were in power in the past or already in power. Given the extent of political dynasties in the country that have been perpetuated by most of the incumbent parties, this political reform proposal will only work if it does not prioritize past, current and incumbent parties. Rather, we will only support legislation that will prioritize public funding for new, emerging political parties whose nominees or candidates do not have incumbent government officials as relatives up to the 4th degree of consanguinity.

Sectoral, issues and ideology-based political parties, such as Green parties like the Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines will never have the chance to compete squarely in future electoral campaigns across LuzViMinda without this kind of reform. The public must be given more options in our elections and so, it makes sense that public funds must be allocated for this to happen.

Many issues and concerns have indeed been marginalized in Philippine politics and having more, new parties that represent this interest should be a top political reform agenda today.

As for progressive parties; that despite all challenges in the past, have marginally won elective seats and struggle to maintain them, their exclusion from this proposal should not be seen as detrimental to their interest but rather a way for them to support more like-minded political parties that share their values and agenda.

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