NASA releases strategy for climate change



NASA has released its climate strategy in an effort to expand agency-wide efforts to counter climate challenges.

The strategy assesses NASA’s climate portfolio across the agency for the first time, extending beyond science and exploration efforts to include every mission directorate and NASA facility.

The strategy lays out four key priorities for the agency to aide with the integration of climate across NASA: innovate, inform, inspire, and partner. The first priority of innovation relies on continuing NASA’s 60-plus years of Earth science studied not only from space, but also through airborne research, direct measurements and field campaigns.

“With new missions coming online in 2023 to observe air pollution (TEMPO), Earth’s water to help improve climate models (SWOT), and the increasing intensity of storms (TROPICS), NASA-powered observations of our planet are at the core of how we study the effects of climate change,” NASA said in a statement.

“This strategy will help NASA integrate our understanding of climate across the agency and in our partnerships to better serve the public,” said Kate Calvin, NASA’s chief scientist and senior climate advisor.


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