Pope Francis requires reporting of sexual abuse



Pope Francis has updated Vatican regulations requiring sex abuse against vulnerable adults as well as children to be reported by lay organizations.

The original decree came via a letter titled Vos estis lux Mundi which means “you are the light of the world,” in Latin.

The updated letter now requires leadership within 120 so-called lay associations recognized by the church to report sexual abuse.

“The lay faithful who are or have been moderators of international associations of the faithful recognized or created by the Apostolic See [are responsible] for acts committed,” reads the updated text.

The prior version of the letter refers to “sexual acts with a minor or vulnerable person,” but doesn’t specify a process for reporting abuse against vulnerable adults.

The updated version refers to “a crime against the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue committed with a minor or with a person who habitually has an imperfect use of reason, or with a vulnerable adult.”

The update also calls for the creation of an “organization or office” to receive and handle claims of sexual abuse and requires cases of abuse against adult seminarians and religious women.


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