Businesses urged on digital strategies to reach more customers


As customers continue to buy a product or service online, entrepreneurs are advised to implement digital strategies for e-commerce sites, including boosting product visualization and leveraging artificial intelligence, to reach more loyal customers and generate sales.

Gilmar Padua, chief executive officer of digital marketing agency, Infinity Hub, underscored the importance of good grammar in creating a marketing campaign, in addition to developing good content in social media.

“So as much as possible, you are not going to focus just on the content but focus also on the creative aspect especially right now that there are a lot of platforms that somehow introduce some new features…,” he said in a webinar, adding the need to incorporate video.

Padua said creating a marketing campaign is similar to cooking wherein one needs not focus on one recipe but may combine different recipes to produce different tastes.

“The same with creating a marketing campaign so as much as possible, try to do some experiment and then if one thing doesn’t work, try to pivot, try to change it immediately,” he said.

Padua said entrepreneurs need to create a roadmap or plan for doing digital marketing that will lead to purchasing.

“And right now, one of the marketing approaches is you need to have an omnichannel so you need to manage it well. That is why, it is very important that you have a roadmap or masterplan in terms of doing your marketing,” he added.

Padua said focusing on products rather than about companies in the websites is imperative as more customers use mobile phones.

“Focus on the visuals because that is very important especially on e-commerce and as much as possible, once you upload certain listings of the product, don’t upload (just) one photo –try to upload multiple photos, multiple angles so that it will be more appreciable…It will be more helpful if you can add some videos for each product page that would explain or that would be focused on the benefits of that particular product,” he said.

Padua said it is also imperative to leverage artificial intelligence, particularly chatbot ChatGPT which provides good content.

“I suggest you put some categories in terms of search filtering so that (consumers) can easily find the product,” he said. “You need to automate your chatbots or you need to create a way that whatever the time that the customers inquire, there is a certain what we call
knowledge-based that the user can somehow go into so that they can satisfy their concerns or whatever their inquiries so chatbot is very important.”

Padua said entrepreneurs also need to use retargeting in advertising rather than targeting a whole audience, and improve the checkout process.


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