Who killed or ordered the killing of Percy Lapid? Theories


Who ordered the killing of Percy Lapid?

Percy Lapid was not your typical radio commentator. Most describe his pen as acerbic and his verbal vile hard-hitting. Had he been hired by DZMM ABS-CBN or DZRH, Lapid could have surpassed the popularity of Anthony Taberna or Deo Macalma, seriously, even without using the surname of a former great stuntman. As fate would have it, Percy got stuck in the poor man’s business, documenting his everyday struggles against crime and petty street-level corruption.

However, at one point, Percy transcended this and became highly interested in the corruption in high places. His realist observations eventually became an analytical framework that he used in exposing the poor judgments of some of our national leaders. His socio-political commentaries stung the ears of these personalities who are familiar with the praise rhetoric of most commentators boarding the early morning radio newscasts of bigger radio stations. Lapid’s voice was distinct because it did not follow either the Leftist or a Rightist rhetoric—it is simply a voice from the middle class, which is now on the verge of militancy.

His dedication to the profession led Percy to a path lesser mortals tread. With wide open eyes and ears, Percy used traditional and social media channels to tell our fellow Filipinos how several personalities brought the Nation their sheer inanity, craziness, and crass corruption. His socio-political commentaries stung because they were true. It is the truth that most of us ignore because most, if not all, suffer from issue fatigue. We know we are in trouble as a nation, but because we are so concerned with the everyday economic struggles, we usually set aside these things. Thus, most of us treat Lapid’s rapid-fire commentaries as “another man’s rants.”

But, if these are mere rants, why would a man or a group of men order his assassination? I mean, come on! Are our government officials onion-skinned enough to fund two assassins and kill Percy?

Who killed Percy?

As a former crime reporter, there are three (3) angles here: first, personal. Percy Lapid must have serious personal enemies who have strong motivations to see him dead. Typically, what would these motivations involve? Usually, it involves money or a serious affront to a romantic relationship, perhaps? Did Percy get himself in a romantic tryst with a woman of a wealthy guy? Does Percy owe some more affluent guy something for a long time that this guy thought he had enough of it and wanted nothing more than his head?

The second angle points to his profession. But who would be crazy enough to have him killed just because of differences in professional opinions? I mean, a person insane enough to spend thousands of pesos for two (2) or even four (4) assassins? Had it been that Percy got in a tussle with a fellow journalist, the ordinary course is to invite him for a fist fight or a gun duel. A cursory review of his online videos revealed that Percy had a highly public battle with one. We don’t exactly know what happened.

The NCRPO says Lapid’s murder was probably profession-related. So, if the police are correct, then this murder was most probably planned several months ago. Some of my former assets say, an assassin would take around 3-6 months of constant surveillance to execute a clean kill. Meaning, investigators must work back several months and determine if Percy had some kind of serious misunderstanding with someone or some group.

Rightist Group?

Some groups are saying that it could have been Percy’s acerbic comments against several former NTC-ELAC officials, including one former PCOO undersecretary who reportedly posted a Facebook post against the decision of a Manila judge. Many know this group has transformed into a militaristic, even highly ideological anti-Communist group. And some of them are former military officials pushing for a militarist state similar to Thailand or Myanmar. Curiously, this group has not issued any denial about this.

Leftist group?

Percy has been known also to comment against leftist groups. The question is—is Percy included in the list of target personalities of the communist movement?

Criminal syndicates?

Had Percy finally got the ire of new and young leaders of syndicates in this country, particularly those involved in corrupting the bureaucracy? Reviewing videos of Percy, he talked less about street-level corruption and more about high-level corruption. Percy was the one who exposed the alleged corruption of a former high official.

Part of a destabilization plot?

Is this killing a part of an active destabilization plan against the Marcos junior administration? Flashback to the coups d’etat of idealistic groups during the Marcos I administration. Remember the deaths of Olalia and several others killed as part of the coup against Cory Aquino in November 1986? That death sparked widespread condemnation.

Clearly, authorities or any other special interest groups out there should collar these two (2) assassins. These people should be arrested alive to ferret information from them. The police know them because they have video footage from Percy’s vehicle and community CCTV cameras. Aside from this, police should look into the driver or occupants behind that white Toyota Fortuner who was behind Percy’s Toyota Innova. 

Therefore, the call is for us to demand justice by arresting these assassins and putting those people responsible for Percy’s assassination behind bars.

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