Mon Tulfo on DOJ son’s arrest on drugs


Ramon Tulfo went public and defended his friend, Boying Remulla, now our secretary of justice. He mouths what others in the media industry is now saying—- the sin of the son is surely not to be shouldered by the father. At 36, the supposed to be third in line in politics has been exposed to be a drug addict, at the minimum, and a drug pusher at the time of his arrest. The stuff confiscated from this Remulla was about a million and a half pesos—-nothing to snort about and surely, a serious bulk of high grade kush. Kush is beyond medicinal— it is peddled no less by the Sinaloa drug cartel based in California. And we all know that this cartel operates here in the Philippines.

So, Tulfo admonishes the public not to crucify Boying for what his eldest son did. Dont call for his resignation as justice secretary. Tulfo is simply saying that Boying has no part on what his son did.

do you believe that boying and the rest of his family did not know the activities of boying remulla the third?  I mean come on! Sobrang galing namang magtago ng bisyo itong si remulla the third. He was so good at hiding his illicit activities that he even ordered kush from abroad and put his damn address as a delivery site. That’s how good he hides his shit and that’s how the Remulla family treats his vice with evident concern. Stupid me!

the sins of the son is not to be faulted to the Father. Yeah right.
when an ordinary drug pusher is arrested, people like Mon used their pen and lambast them to high heavens. But when a friend’s son is involved, he turns a blind eye.
see how “just” our society is?

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