Percy Lapid Ambushed by Riding in Tandem


Hard-hitting Percy Mabasa, aka Percy Lapid, expired after a hail of bullets from two assailants hit his body while entering the gate of a subdivision along Aria St., barangay Talon Dos in Las Pinas. The ambush happened at 8 p.m.

Police reports say one of the gunmen approached Lapid’s vehicle and shot him. The other gunman also fired back. After ensuring their target was dead, the gunman drove his motorcycle away from the crime scene. Crime investigators recovered several slugs of an unknown caliber at the scene.

A veteran radio commentator, Percy made his last broadcast last September 30 criticizing a former undersecretary who reportedly made a post against a Manila judge who issued a decision not declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF as a non-terrorist organization.

His online commentaries at the DWBL radio station are gaining traction. Lapid was declared dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

He’s now the second member of the Philippine media who fell by the bullet under the Marcos Junior administration.





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