Tugade: motorists should be free to choose between private or govt testing center


Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade on Monday said motor vehicle owners should be free to choose between private emission testing centers (PETC) and private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVIC) in getting their vehicle tested.

In a statement, Tugade said the fee for getting vehicles tested in both PETCs and PMVICs are now almost similar despite the multitude of tests PMVICs offer versus PETCs.

PMVICs usually perform eight different vehicle tests — visual inspection, sideslip test, suspension test, roller brake test, speedometer test, headlight test, emissions test, and sound test — compared to PETCs that are limited to an emissions test.

“Let the customer and the riding public decide, and let it become an interplay of marketing efforts between PETC and PMVIC,” Tugade said.

He said mandatory testing must only be considered once the population of PETCs and PMVICs have reached “critical mass” or the point in which something becomes self-sustaining.

Tugade said PMVICs and PETCs are required to comply with standards set by the government.

On Thursday, Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Undersecretary Edgar Galvante assured the public that mandatory vehicle testing at PMVICs remains suspended.

He said PMVICs are free to continue to operate and only mandatory testing at such establishments is suspended. 

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