Former president Estrada tests negative for Covid


Former president Joseph Estrada has tested negative for the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) on Tuesday, according to one of his sons, who added that his father may be on the way to recovery.

Former senator JV Ejercito said in Facebook post that his father tested negative for Covid-19 and will be transferred to a regular hospital room after staying in the intensive care unit (ICU). Estrada had to be transferred to the ICU as he contracted pneumonia and had difficulty breathing.


“Thank you everyone for the prayers. My father is now negative for Covid. He will be transferred to a regular room from the ICU in a few days,” the former senator said.


“Prayers indeed moves mountains! Again, my heartfelt gratitude to everyone!” he added.


It was Ejercito’s half-brother and also former senator Jinggoy Estrada who made the first announcement that Estrada had tested negative for Covid-19 and that his condition was improving.

“We are happy to announce that my dad continues to improve and we expect that he can be transferred to a regular room soon. His repeat RT-PCR (swab test) is now NEGATIVE!” Jinggoy said.


“He is still on high flow oxygen support but at a much-reduced rate. He has been allowed to resume soft diet.  Mentally, he is oriented, conversing normally and appears to be in good spirits,” he added.


Estrada was rushed to a hospital on March 29 for Covid-19 but initially did not exhibit severe symptoms.


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