Legazpi City opens doors to tourists


Legazpi City has reopened four tourists who, however, must register online and undergo screening for the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

“Our tourists are required to register at the Tourist Registration portal accessible at http://onlineservices.sytes.net/tourist-portal/ 24 hours prior to their arrival in the city. The place of accommodation or the tour agency must be accredited by the Department of Tourism,” Legazpi City Tourism Officer Pita Pacres said.

Those staying with their relatives must also fill-in the required details.

“Tourists are responsible in coordinating with their hotel or tour agency for assistance in heading to the clearance area and their place of accommodation,” Pacres said.

In Legazpi City, the following documents and protocols are no longer required as stated in the latest advisory for arriving individuals: RT-PCR testing, travel pass/authority issued by PNP Covid Shield, medical clearance certificate and quarantine.

Under the Legazpi City algorithm, tourists are required to undergo symptom screening.

Tourists who arrive on Mondays to Sundays at 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. must proceed to the City Tourism Clearance Area at the Legazpi City Convention Center located at the airport road in Barangay Cruzada.

On the other hand, tourists who arrived beyond 5:00 p.m. until before 6:00 a.m. must proceed to Legazpi City Community Home Quarantine (LC-CHQ) at the ICR in Brgy. Bitano.

If the symptoms are cleared, the tourists will be given medical health clearance and  Legazpi tourism passport.

“The medical health clearance and the Legazpi tourism passport should be presented at the pre-booked accommodation establishment. They will not be allowed to check-in without these requirements,” Pacres added.

If found with symptoms, the tourist will be referred to the local testing center for swab testing.

“The patient should undergo isolation at an LGU-accredited hotel, at tourist’s expense, while waiting for the result. However, if tourists are in a group and one is manifesting symptoms, all in the group will be required to undergo testing and isolation,” Pacres said.

If the result is negative, the tourist can proceed to check-in. The booking can be re-booked for free.

If the result is positive, the patient should be admitted within 14 days to the local health center asymptomatic and mild cases or to the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital for moderate and severe cases.

Once the antibody test is negative, the tourist can check-in at their pre-booked accommodation establishment.

Legazpi City tourism passport

The city government launched the tourism passport as part of its efforts to boost the recovery of the industry while maintaining public health and safety in reopening tourist sites.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said the “passport” is a booklet containing extensive information regarding the various tourism and food destinations in the city, including health regulations and protocols that visitors must follow.

During its launching, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat acknowledged local officials and tourism stakeholders for their support during the health crisis.

“Slowly but surely we are helping tourism destination around the country regain their foothold in the industry. We are seeing livelihood restored as we revive domestic tourism. Let us all rediscover all the fun and adventure Legazpi City has to offer,” she said.



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