Pfizer says new COVID-19 vaccine on the way


Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says it now has a vaccine that can fight the COVID-19 virus. And its efficacy even surpassed the standards at 50% set by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

This announcement made a tremendous impacts on global markets, setting even the futures market at a high. The optimism created by this development created hopes of a post-pandemic world and the immediate recovery of the global economy.

The question is– though it is efficient at 90%– will it work against mutations of the novel corona virus reported in Southeast East Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia. The World Health Organization says these mutations are the reasons why infected figures remain relatively high in these countries.

With such a discovery, many in Washington especially the Trump administration wants to say to the American people that the outgoing President is not lying. Newly elected US president Joe Biden had announced a transition team of health and epidemiological experts to help him create policies that balances epidemic control with economic considerations.

Pfizer says its vaccine could be distributed almost immediately. Experts however say, this vaccine may probably be commercially available only by March 2021.

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