Exploiting the people’s fear: Resist and Overthrow Tyrants


The most effective weapon of tyrannical governments is fear. Governments use fear to subdue the weak and immobilize the strong. And why do tyrants behave the way they do?

AdobeStock_199952864_PreviewThey do not want us to discover how they rape us with their laws and how they pillage the monies we give them by their claims of our fealty. What makes them rulers, but processes that they, themselves created. They invented elections so that they can claim legitimacy. Legitimacy is the source of their power.

Strip these men of their titles, and they are nothing but ordinary, bumbling idiots, easy to bleed and knows how to scream. We are made to respect them, when they themselves refuse to respect us. They disabuse our kindness as a people. They steal our hard earned monies and mock us.

BY their dominance of the media, we are being made to think like lambs. Follow or perish! We have the arms. By our claims of legitimacy, we are able to summon other armed men to subdue you.

We are not anymore followers, lambs that are being prepared for slaughter. No. Tyranny has a price. The only place of tyrants is twelve feet underground.

Stamp tyranny. Raise the banner of God. Always.


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