Film Review: Braveheart


I remember watching Braveheart when I was still fresh from graduation. That year, 1995, this film won Mel Gibron critical acclaim although most scholars deemed the film historically inaccurate. What do you expect from a drama? Braveheart is not a documentary. Certain creative liberties must of course, be expected.

This directorial debut by Mel Gibson cemented his place in Hollywood superstardom. He later made several other films, which were critical and commercial successes. Like Clint Eastwood, Gibson is a great storyteller. He has an eye for important dramatic touchpoints.

This film is pretty much old—fifteen years at least– but it still touches you. Set during the time when Scotland was under the power of England, Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace who led Scots to rebel against the king, Edward Longshanks.  Wallace rebelled when his wife was killed by the English. He routed the English army and even threatened to end the reign of the King by invading York. Politics saved the day for the King when he successfully convinced the Scottish nobles to betray Wallace. Even in death, Wallace never wavered in his desire for freedom.

While the story was later found to have mixed the stories of two historical figures, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, Braveheart never tried to be an historical film. The film teaches us that every man yearns and deserves freedom.

Freedom from tyranny and the evil that men do with other men. Its message rang loud and true–freedom against tyranny is worth fighting for.

When faced with tyrants, we must resist. We all have our own Longshanks. Noble titles and claims of property are nothing but tools of tyranny.

Every man is equal in rights. When those reposed by the people’s trust to lead them and these people steal and commit injustice, it is our responsibility to resist, fight them and oust them from their towers. Kings are Kings because people made them. Strip them of their titles, and they are just mere men, easy to bleed, and feels the pain.

Watch this movie. When you see tyranny and injustice anywhere, fight. Resist.


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