On Sinas’ sins: Did Ping Lacson plead for the teacher and soldier as well?


I have high respects for Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. However, when I heard that he’s pleading to the public not to add salt to an already injured and tattered reputation of NCRPO chief Debold Sinas, I am getting this feeling that Lacson might not be the leader we are hoping for.

Sinas violated the law. Period. What makes it worse is that Sinas happens to be the chief of policemen here in Metro Manila. He’s the chief enforcer of the law.

It is totally unforgivable to hear from him that he regarded that party as harmless and entirely not serious. Huh? These are photos of his party courtesy of Manila Bulletin. This belies claims that social distancing was followed.


There’s this saying— leaders are followers, followers of the very law they are supposed to implement. Worse, in this case, Sinas mocked not just the Filipino People, but the President himself, Rodolfo Roa Duterte.

Duterte was the one appearing over national television cursing and mocking those who would not follow the law, especially social distancing. Duterte himself admonished those who want to do wakes for their dead kin and those who want to attend religious services.

While we ordinary citizens sacrificed our personal freedoms and social liberties, here you have the top cop of Metro Manila partying with his friends–without face masks.

That shows you our society today— abused and being taken for a ride. Local governments secretary Eduardo Ano is strict–file cases even against local government executives. Sinas should not be spared even if he’s one of the members of the president’s closest gang.

DC555509-79B3-4EE4-B267-AECDD777F388That slain soldier and funny teacher

When police fired upon that decorated ex-soldier, did the NCRPO even issued a formal apology? No. They were harsh. The law is the law, says officials of the PNP when asked about the issue.

When the NBI arrested that teacher who reportedly asked for the head of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in a mere online post, did Lacson immediately rush to his aid? That was meant to be a joke and joke it was. However, the NBI took it seriously and even the head of the President’s security.

Are these men trying to get funny?

More power means more circumspection and respect for the law.  Government calls for people for understanding but it should be cybernetic— understand people and people would also understand government.

When Lacson was still PNP chief, his own QCPD chief, a certain General Sales, became a target of media attacks due to his girth. Lacson was then implementing his highly popular campaign for lowering the number of cops with big tummies.

That’s just for having a big tummy–this one which Sinas committed hits the very core of his position as a top cop.

Photos don’t lie. Someone told this writer that Sinas loves to party.  And he gets away with it. That teacher from the Visayas also loves to joke. Will he get away with it? Probably no.

That’s our society today— marked by inequalities and abuses of power. Tama na. Sobra na. We cannot allow these very grievous sins against the Filipino.

Mr. Senator— the people do not need to be reminded. Filipinos are responsible people. What angers us is the fact that when we try to follow the laws, the very enforcers break them. What makes these people higher and more privileged than us, ordinary shuckers? Their ranks? We, the people gave them such!

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