Ex-Army Corporal shot dead at checkpoint


Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Archie Gamboa’s interview with ABS-CBN 2 says that police personnel manning the checkpoint where Former Army Corporal Winston Ragos was shot, did not know that he has a concealed weapon in his body. This is a stark departure from the declaration made by the Quezon City PNP which said that they found an unlicensed 38 caliber pistol in his possession and which was the thing Ragos was trying to pull out of his bag when Police Master Sargeant Daniel Florendo Junior shot him infant of a small eatery along Maligaya Drive in Barangay Pasong Putik in Quezon City.

The shooting happened at 2:30 in the afternoon. Ragos was rushed to the hospital but died three hours later.

PNP General Guillermo Eleazar, chief of the COVID-19 Taskforce says what Florendo did was a judgment call. It is better to do what Florendo did and face an inquiry than face death, he says. Eleazar even said that prior to the shooting Ragos was reportedly “bullying” those policemen manning the checkpoint.

Ragos’ relatives want justice for their slain relative. The ex soldier was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

What is the standard operating procedure? The SOP for cops is first, they need to warn a suspect to obey them and do what they order him to do. If the cops want someone to raise their hands so they, the cops see them, the citizen should do it. Or, if the suspect need to get down on his knees then he must do so.

Now, in the case of Ragos, it should be determined by inquiry if Ragos was unresponsive when Florendo asked him to do the procedure. If he is, then, the best possible way is to exercise maximum tolerance.

If you watch the video of this, there were about five PNP personnel there. Haist. Thanks to DZMM-Teleradyo ABS-CBN 2.



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