Is there a way to defeat the novel corona virus without destroying the economy?


The world already lost several trillions of dollars due to the slowdown of the world economy. The political decisions taken by respective national governments which mostly encourage limitations on human movement had already impacted on the global economy. The world capitalist system feeds on exchange. Exchanges are caused by movements. Without human movement, there is no exchange and eventually, will even lead to nothing to exchange about.

How then can be go back to normalcy? First off, we must first disabuse our minds on how we see this “enemy”, that is the novel corona virus. We need to be guided by verified facts on what it is, what it is its nature and what is its behavior.

For example, why is it novel? According to health experts, they termed it as “novel” because it is the newest strain among the coronavirus family. Why is it “new”? Because it is distinguishable from its brother, SARS-COV1 with its corona-like spikes jutting out of its membrane. Is that all to it? Yes. What does this mean? This mean that we already are familiar with it– it is a virus which is similar with SARS-COV1 yet exhibits a behavior describes as “virulent” than its brother because it can very well attach itself for a longer periods of time on surfaces, not just on skin.

However, like other viruses, it behaves similar to others– it needs a host and it alters its host RNA to be able to live and thrive. When it achieves its primary objective of infecting the entire population, it thus lessens its destructive capabilities because by then, the immunity ratio would have improved. At this stage, expect a mutation. That explains why the novel corona virus is also described as SARS-COV 2 not just COVID-2019. Health researchers expect several other mutations to occur in the future, which effects may vary depending on extraneous factors.

That leads us to the second element—the environment or the structure where we live. We need to make sure that the environment or structures that we call the human biosphere is livable by us, and not a soup for viruses. Actually, we have the scientific knowledge and capability of killing viruses, yet not all viruses are our enemies. There are viruses out there which serve human purposes and without them, it likewise affect our survivability in our environment. We need targeted countermeasures, not a general measure which results to a zero-sum game.

We can build more robust structures which discourage the creation and mutation of more vicious viruses by design and by changing or altering our norms and our lifestyle. Bio engineering living biospheres that deter vicious viruses is possible. Such biospheres are however, maintained only thru a third element which is our norms.

We have to change our norms and our lifestyle. Being extremely health conscious is a good trait and must become a habit by everyone. This contagion should instruct us to strictly recognize the laws of nature and how important following them is.

So, we want to go back to our normal lives? Yes, we can do that provided that: first, we need to study this virus more. The more we learn about it, the more predictable its behavior would be, the more vulnerable it is and more likely, we can exterminate it even without a vaccine. Increase research by supplying data thru testing and surveillance.

Second, we need to restructure our environments as well as our lifestyles and mindsets.

What we know so far

Contrary to popular belief, the novel corona virus is not an “invisible enemy.” Viruses, while microscopic, show themselves thru their hosts. Like all other parasitic organisms, viruses cannot live without a host. Hence, it is not accurate to describe it as invisible. Thru its host, it is quantifiable, meaning, measurable.

Likewise, it is not entirely correct to say that it is virulent. Yes, it is more virulent than the common corona virus strains which are already thriving in human environments but its virulence depends more on the level of resistance its host can produce. Virulence is variable. Anyone can catch it but the virulence is measured based on the level of resistance an individual’s immune system produces. A person of weak constitution would definitely suffer from the virulence more than compared with a person who has an health constitution. The general observation now is that old people are more susceptible because of their weak constitutions was obviously destroyed when a 101 year old women recently celebrated her 102 birthday after contracting the disease. The important thing is a person’s immune system and how it responds to a dangerous invader like the novel corona virus.

The corona virus, according to several researchers, is not at all indestructible. It may be tougher compared with its brother, SARS-COV1 due to a somewhat thick layer of fat which covers and protects its mitochrondia, but like other viruses, its protective layer can be destroyed by disinfectants containing acid. And even without disinfectants, the virus life span is only five to seven days without a host, thus susceptible to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures.

Three things–the novel corona virus is not invisible but can be measured based on its hosts. It is not invinsible because without a host and if it is in harsh environmental conditions, it dies. Its effects upon a person are not necessarily and consistently virulent as it depends on the responses a person’s immune system makes against the virus.

Given these facts, what are the most effective means possible for us to defeat this viral enemy? I see three ways: individuals, structure and norms. First, secure individuals, give them prescriptions on how to strengthen their immune system and reiterate or instill into them the practice or habit of proper or good hygiene.

We can do these thru testing. Tests depend on data. Data must be collected from the field and subject to analysis. Analysis depends on historical data and present-day data. Inductive method should be used to determine the enemy and its behavior.

Second, secure the environment. Make sure that these structures are disinfected and safe from virus infestations. There should be a regular anti-virus soft spray or disinfectant baths in every commercial or public establishment to ensure that those who enter such establishments are free from the virus in their bodies. Establishments must require consistent use of sanitizers by their customers or any other person leaving and entering.

Lastly, our lifestyle essentially reflect our norms. Follow the laws of nature. These laws are there to instruct us what and what not to do. For example, the law of nature does not instruct us to eat exotic animals for fear of transmission of disease from animals to humans. Though we have an appetite for the exotic, the law of nature prohibits us from doing it and we must listen to it.

The Holy scriptures particularly the Noble Qu’ran and the Bible have hundreds of entries which essentially give us what this set of laws is. Read them. Follow them. These books are guaranteed to protect us from present and future dangers.

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