Do we need a Code for a National Transport Authority?


During the first Busina Media Forum held at Annabel’s Restaurant in Quezon City, panelist and resource person Dr. Clarita Carlos revealed that the Department of Transportation and Railways (DOTr) is planning to ask Congress to pass a bill that will create a National Transport Authority or NTA. Briefly, the NTA aims to put into one roof all transport-related state matters so that laws and programs are implemented smoothly. Part of the team which created the DOTr road map, Carlos noted that the present setup is chaotic and there should be order.

Do we need a National Transport Authority? What will happen to all other regulatory agencies such as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA? Assistant secretary Celine Pialogo does not see any problem with the NTA since traffic management is just one of the functions of MMDA.

For the next Busina Forum, PASADA CC, a non-governmental organization which hosts this media forum, would ask several experts on what they think about this proposal.

Senator Grace Poe, which chairs the Senate Committee on Public Transportation is being invited along with Congressman Ed Sarmiento and Philippine National Railways chairman Roberto “Bobby” Lastimoso.

The next Busina forum will be held at the Max Restaurant in Sct. Tuazon, in Quezon City. Another topic which the Busina Forum panelists will discuss is the highly controversial ABS-CBN franchise.

Pasada CC convenor Atty. Argee Guevarra together with Commuter advocate Atty. Ariel Inton will serve as both reactors and moderators.

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