Ncov deaths breached the 1,000 mark


Fatalities caused by the new Corona virus strain has breached the 1,000 mark, barely a month after news of these deaths in China percolated and sparked a global health emergency.

China health authorities reported 93 people dead due to complications caused by the virus. Agency France Presse quoted the World Health Organization (WHO) as saying that over 44,200 cases worldwide had contracted the disease.

Hubei, a province of China, reported an additional 1,638 confirmed cases, which means that the virus is spreading, thanks to human-to-human transmission. News outlets in China reported that the virus might actually be contracted thru air, which the WHO belied although the global health body still lacks sufficient information when it gave this statement.

The Ncov 19 virus is similar to the ordinary Corona virus which brings colds and flu to the victim, except that this virus does not show its symptoms as readily and as fast as what the Corona does. The virus first incubates itself unto its host for five to six days before symptoms occur, which leads to pneumonia and if not treated properly, lead to more lethal complications.

Health experts called it “novel” because the exact origins of this virus and how it mutated into a new strain remains a mystery. Online, reports that the virus is a biological weapon unleashed by China unto its own citizens is gaining notoriety, the fact is, the truth about this virus would surface a few months from now, possibly after six or seven months even.

What experts are warning against is the further exposure of this virus unto the environment. Mutation is a distinct ability of viruses to cope with its environment. Every mutation makes a virus more lethal and more resilient against modern medical technologies.

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