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We are barely four months online, but Currentph.com is on the verge of getting the top spot as one of the most well read online news magazines in the Philippines. Feedspot, the world’s most recognized news feeding service, informed us thru an email that we are now at 19th spot among 25 most read news magazine sites in the Philippines, with the Philippine Daily Inquirer at the top post.

What is most encouraging about this is the fact that we even bested “veteran” news magazine sites with humongous online teams working for them and providing them with news stories. I would not mention it here. Suffice it to say, we are proud of this accomplishment despite months of agony and sacrifices on the part of the Current News team.

I have always believed that people would read us, because we make sure that the news stories and opinions we post here are all verified. We have correspondents on the field giving us stories some of them giving us without expecting any compensation. One of the guys, Mike Taboy, contributes his photos with us inspite of the fact that we don’t have sufficient funding for photojournalists like him.

Compared with others, the Current News Service is understaffed. We are not a big media network. We do this because we love the profession. Definitely, you can describe this as a work of love, a homage to Journalism, whom every single one of us loved.

I would like to mention here my buddy Ed Cordevilla who despite his busy schedule, lends his time for us, and writes an opinion column. Ismail Amigo proves to be a prolific writer and editor. Stacy Ang is one of my most reliable and productive writers out there, making sure that our site is always updated with the latest news coming from Manila. Let me mention also my kumare, A dela Cruz, a working media professional who also provides us with news stories every now and then. Bench Ellorin, formerly editor of the Cebu Daily writes from his hometown Cagayan de Oro city.

In the past few months, young millennial writers such as Floyd Tagbago, Chris Figueroa, Cate Pallermo, Marian Nicolas and Gel Paulo had all lent their time and skills writing for Currentph.com. In the next few days, we will see other more accomplished writers writing for this site.

Two veteran broadcast journalists already asked me if they can write and Currentph.com is always open to these kinds of people who just want to write for the joy of it. Currentph.com has new opinion writers in the persons of Dick Pascual, regular columnist of The Philippine Star who agreed to share his pieces with Currentph.com and Louie Biraogo, another veteran journalist.

Currentph.com and its printed counterpart, will remain true to its mission and vision of providing new stories for the Filipino people. We salute the Filipino masses!

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