The water level at Angat Dam rises to 193.37m due to Typhoon Tisoy


MANILA, Philippines — Storms are destructive to life and property but they could also be very beneficial to some extent.

That’s what the other side of tropical cyclone Tisoy which jas contributed significantly to increased the water level of Angat Dam.

According to Pagasa hydrologist Danilo Flores, the water level rose to 4.5 meters at Angat Dam, which is the main water source of people in Metro Manila.

But although the water rose to 193.37 meters in the dam, it is still a long way off, according to Flores from the ideal 210-meter level.

Flores also said that in the next two days, Pagasa expects more water to flow into the Bulacan reservoir in Central Luzon.

It advised residents in Metro Manila and nearby areas to conserve water to help Angat Dam from drying up fast.

Although the state weather bureau expects another hurricane to hit the country this December, it is not certain that it will pass through the Angat watershed. (Marian Sinamban/IAMIGO/CNS)

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