World AIDS day 2019


MANILA, Philippines — The United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) believes that the community plays a significant role in changing the public’s view of the disease.

In a speech by UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima in conjunction with this year’s World AIDS Day, she said that communities were the best hope to address AIDS since they were initially well-versed.

Here is another part of Byanyima’s message:

“On World AIDS Day, UNAIDS salutes the achievements of activists and communities in the struggle against HIV. We remember and we honor all those whom we have lost along the way. Activists challenged the silence and brought life-saving services to their communities. But the countless contributions by women and many others can never replace the responsibility of governments.

Let me remind you, governments committed to at least 30% of HIV services being community-led.

They also agreed that 6% of all HIV funding goes to community mobilization, promoting human rights and changing harmful laws that act as barriers to ending AIDS.

Let’s be clear, defending human rights and challenging discrimination, incrimination and stigma is risky work today.

So, we call on governments to open a space so that activists can do the work they do best.

With communities in the lead and governments living up to their promises, we will end AIDS.”

Meanwhile, even the 2019 Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados is joining the awareness drive in commemoration of the annual World AIDS Day.

She posted a picture of a red ribbon which is a universal symbol of knowledge and support for people with HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses).

According to the country’s cast in the upcoming Miss Universe coronation, it aims to help the community in any way possible to reduce the “stigma” created by HIV / AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

“Get tested and be informed about your status! Ignorance and prejudice are fueling the spread of a preventable disease. We can end AIDS together. You are not alone,” Ganados added.

This coming December 9 (Manila time), she will attempt to give the country the fifth Miss Universe crown. (Marian Sinamban/IAMIGO/CNS)

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