Vape regulation rolling on in Congress — Abante


MANILA, Philippines — A proposal to regulate e-cigarettes and vape in the country has been filed and rolling on in the Congress.

In House Bill 5630 by House Majority leader Benny Abante, he wants legislation passed to regulate e-cigarettes and vape.

Under the proposal, the sale of e-cigarettes and vape to young people under the age of 25 would be prohibited.

When enacted, it would also prohibit the use of flavor in the liquid used in the vape to discourage young people from using it.

It also prohibits the use of vape in schools and public areas.

Abante wants vape regulation because he sees a clear and present danger on vape use as it is not only sold in stores but also through the internet. (Chris Figueroa/IAMIGO/CNS)

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