Young Congressman turns delusional: He thinks he’s Richard Gomez


Who is this young braggart of a politico who thinks he can get away by disrespecting a man who has dedicated all his life to a sport only for gentlemen?

What happens when politicians think they can pay their way to glory? What happens when politicos think they are strong enough to really play with the big boys?

The problem with politicos nowadays is they think they can wheel and deal their way to respectability. Respect among true men, is earned.

Politicians born of sterner, and nobler stuff earn their stripes the hard way. They are like sportsmen whose hard work earn those diamond encrusted trophies and gold medals.

What happens when a politico thinks that he can earn the respect of true sportsmen just by declaring himself a team captain despite having a zero rating in this sport for true gentlemen? He is no rock star but he thinks that by owning a field and by amassing wealth, those are enough for people to put him in a pedestal where true immortals reign.

Bull. Crap.

Such delusions occupy the minds of politicos who think they have what it takes to be deemed worthy of the top spots. Becoming number one in a sport which only blue-blooded royals indulge in, requires extreme sacrifices.

You have to be true to the creed of the game. When those whose personal ratings are just four out of a perfect ten, they cannot play with those with six-star ratings? This game is unlike golf which you could probably and sometimes cheat your way to a higher status.

This one, as I said, is for gentlemen, true men. Gentlemen do not just join an exclusive club of sportsmen only to subvert their interests at crucial times?

Gentlemen cum sportsmen act as honorable men first, sports jockeys second. Not this Congressman.

Some say, probably during his teen years, this Congressman aspired for many to see him as the resurrected Richard Gomez— matinee idol pa, accomplished sportsman and now, a politico par excellence.

The thing is, whereas Gomez sweated his way to become what he is, this young Congressman wanted nothing more than step into the shoes of a real Patron of the Sport to fast-track his way to glory.

Unfortunately for him, what he got is nothing more than disdain. He not only severed his ties with other players and patrons of the sport—he basically saw his reputation shredded into tiny, beeny, bits.

Displeasure—that’s what he got from maneuvering his way to an illusory post, which he reposed upon himself, without getting a true mandate from the true Powers behind this sport of royalty.

Ingrato. Well, if this Congressman can actually engage his own blood in a vicious legal battle, it is entirely not surprising if he thinks he can actually dismantle the walls that prevent him from entering this illustrious group of fine sportsmen.


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