Teachers nationwide up in arms vs Raffy Tulfo



MANILA, Philippines – This could either be the beginning of the end of Raffy Tulfo’s online popularity or, this could further fan the ratings his multi-media Radio Program Raffy Tulfo In Action over at TV5 is currently enjoying.

Either way, what is clear at this point is that teachers nationwide are allegedly up in arms against the popular radio announcer who allegedly caused gross emotional and professional damage to teacher Melita Limjuco, 55.

According to a source, teachers nationwide are planning to file a consolidated libel case against Tulfo in Action.

It may be recalled a Filipina also committed suicide a day after their intimate story with a foreigner-boyfriend was shown online by Tulfo recently.

Acting on a complaint through his popular radio program, Tulfo allegedly put the teacher in a bad light and extreme prejudice by portraying the teacher as “uncaring, child abuser” that instantly became “viral” and reaped widespread indignation from co-teachers.

Education advocate Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada made an appeal to the viewing public not to make an immediate, biased judgment until after hearing the teacher’s side.

“The public-school teacher (Melita Limjuco) deserves the right to be heard,” Estrada said.

Meantime, DepEd Undersecretary and Spokesperson Annalyn Sevilla claimed “the legal team of the agency’s Central Office is still coordinating with the regional and division offices concerned, particularly the National Capital Region (NCR) in Manila. We will wait for their validated status report first.”

Tulfo in Action came under fire from angry netizens and teachers alike following what they call as “unbalanced and high-handed” portrayal of the program against the teacher who only, allegedly imposed a disciplinary action on a pupil’s classroom misconduct.

And surprisingly, this was the gist of the pupil’s relative’s complaint with Raffy Tulfo who then blatantly accused Limjuco of child abuse.

Tulfo then accordingly berated the teacher online and even challenged Limjuco to choose to either lose her professional license or be jailed.

But the lawyer said: “I do not see any abuse done by the teacher. The disciplinary action imposed by the teacher is the necessary consequence of the child’s misconduct.”

The grandmother of the pupil sought Tulfo’s help and file accordingly a case against Limjuco to “teach the teacher a lesson” after the teacher, as seen on the school’s CCTV, sent the boy out of their classroom.

The relatives claimed the boy in case “was traumatized” and “humiliated” because of the teacher’s action.

Estrada met Limjuco on Friday (22 November 2019) and assessed her situation and possibly provide her legal assistance.

It was gathered that Limjuco “sent out the boy of their classroom because he was fighting with other classmates.”

During the show, a staff called Limjuco for her reaction to the case and the teacher said it was her “mistake” and apologized.

However, the child’s family wanted her punished through revocation of her license so “she could rest” from teaching.

During the same station call, Tulfo asked the teacher to choose between facing a child abuse case – which is a criminal case that could put her in jail – or resign from her job and lose her license.

The lawyer claimed it was unfair on the part of Limjuco as the latter was not aware her conversation with the host was live on TV.

“It’s unfair for her and this is violative of her right to due process,” the lawyer said. (IAMIGO/CNS)

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