Agot Isidro criticizes PAGCOR; Jimmy Bondoc fires back: Most of your comments are wrong!


MANILA, Philippines — Agot Isidro blasted the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) on its temporary stoppage order on the agency’s program at providing the public medical assistance.

The actress shared PAGCOR’s press release regarding on the issue on her Twitter account.

“This is not fair. Why punish everyone for the sins of a few? Marami ang nangangailangan ng medical assistance. This is not right,” Agot’s tweet said.

PAGCOR clarified that they had stopped accepting medical financial assistance applications because of a couple who had tried to trick the agency into releasing funds.

However, the actress received a critical response from no less than PAGCOR Vice President for Entertainment Jimmy Bondoc through a lengthy post on Facebook.


Bondoc told Isidro that “running a government agency is difficult and should not be blamed by people who don’t know how to manage it.”

“Ang hirap dito sa gobyerno, Ma’am. Again, maybe you have already been here. I don’t really know.”

“Wikipedia only talks about your educational background in Fashion, but nothing about public service. Kindly just correct me if I’m wrong,” he said on his Facebook post.

Bondoc said most of Agot Isidro’s comments are wrong, but he made it clear that he believes Agot is smart.

“I really wanted to avoid saying this, but I must. Most of your comments are wrong, but they are not wrong because you are stupid, contrary to what many of your critics say. I know you are smart. But ma’am, you truly are extremely misinformed due to what seems to be a very sheltered existence. But I may be wrong,” the PAGCOR Vice President for Entertainment said.

“You criticize the temporary stoppage as if it was done to persecute the putative donors, but I am willing to bet that you have no idea as to what our charter actually mandates us to perform, and what particular resolutions and orders define our socio-civic function,” he added.

The PAGCOR Vice President for Entertainment said he hoped that his fellow singer, Agot, would work for the government, so that she would also experience their “dilemmas.”

“Sana talaga, maka-work si Ma’am Agot sa gobyerno. Sana, maranasan niyo rin po yung mahawa kung minsan sa mga sakit ng mga nangangailangan,” he said.

Jimmy Bondoc is an OPM artist and known for his song “Let Me Be the One.”

He was previously reported on their a word war with Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin, regarding the reported ABS-CBN closure. (Cate Pallarco/IAMIGO/CNS)

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