263 kilo of double dead meat, recovered on Manila

MANILA, Philippines – At least 263 kilos of double dead pork and beef have been reported by Manila Veterinary Inspection Board (VIB) personnel at the New Antipolo Market in Blumentritt.
According to VIB Chief Dr. Nick Santos, the 263 kilos pork ribs have a pungent odor and smell.

In addition there is no proper or proper meat signature to prove that the vendors have violated Republic Act No. 10611 or Food Safety Act as well as Republic Act No. 10536 of the “Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines.”

The Manila VIB and the NMIS Enforcement Team took the bots to the right place.

Santos added that they will intensify their campaign against botched spreads especially this Christmas.

It is not expected that public health should be put at risk because of the exploitation of some entrepreneurs.

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