Gasoline prices up, diesel down

MANILA, Philippines — Oil companies are about to adjust prices of fossil fuel anew as market forces put upward pressure on gasoline.
Petron and Clean Fuel will increase the price of gasoline by P0.80 per liter while Shell and Petro Gazz are to increase the price of gasoline by P0.85 per liter.
On Tuesday, all companies raised fuel  rates, except for Clean Fuel, which already introduced its new rate on Wednesday, November 20.
The Petron and Clean Fuel diesel prices will decrease by P0.30 per liter, while the Petro Gazz and Shell prices will go down  by P0.15 per liter.
Last Sunday, November 17, Clean Fuel also reduced diesel costs.
In the meantime, Petron will lower the price of kerosene by P0.20 per liter, while Shell cut it down further by P0.25 per liter. (Cate Pallarco/IAMIGO/CNS)

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