NCRPO aims to stop vandalism in MM


MANILA, Philippines — The National Capital Region Police Office is seeking a way to permanently stop the vandalism of certain groups in public places in Manila, according to NCRPO Chief Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas.

Sinas said that while Manila Mayor Francisco Domagoso threatened to paint the slogans on the walls in public places, these vandals resumed and the slogan painted the walls of an urban school.

Sinas appointed Manila Police District Director Brig. Gen. Bernabe Balba to increase police visibility in areas where vandals may strike.

“We notice that the scandals turn upside down when no one is watching. So we are planning a way to solve this problem, ”Sinas said in a press briefing in Quezon City.

Sinas explained that Domagoso had put in the effort and time to clean and beautify public places in Manila for the public to use but “our rebellious countrymen” are destroying them by painting anti-government slogans.

The Artists group claimed they were the ones making vandalism works but explained that it was a form of art and their way of expressing their grievances to the government.

Meanwhile, Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano has ordered the arrest of vandals.

Calixto-Rubiano said writing or even drawing on walls of public facilities or structures was strictly prohibited based on City Ordinance 1496 which he helped pass as a “co-sponsor” when she was in Council.

As the “travel city” that is the first city to be visited by foreigners after the airports, it is a shame that they are exposed to a polluted environment filled with vandals.

The mayor further said that graffiti is a sign that there is no order in a community and a clear challenge to anyone by the authorities. (Chris Figueroa/IAMIGO/CNS)

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