PCC ordered Grab to return 5M surcharge to customers


MANILA, Philippines- The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has ordered Grab to refund or return the ride-hailing firm’s P5 million surcharges to customers.

Grab overcharged when it exceeded the 22.5 percent allowable deviation before Grab and Uber merged, the PCC said.

Grab’s overcharging was monitored from February to May this year, the PCC added.

The affected passengers are expected to receive the refund within the next 60 days after Grab received the order.

In addition, the PCC also approved Grab’s voluntarily commitments to ensure competition to avoid monopolies.

In a statement by Grab, it said that they respect the PCC’s decision. Grab will contact PCC to pay the refund, the company said. (Marian Andrei Sinamban/IAMIGO/CNS)

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