Hold your breath coz ‘Idol Raffy’ is coming up with a ‘Tulfone’

MANILA, Philippines — With around 8.5 million subscribers and viewers in their official YouTube account, one cannot deny nor neglect Raffy Tulfo’s extreme popularity online.

“Idol Raffy” as what he is now fondly called, rose to online prominence through his viral radio show at ABC 5, streamed live through FB and subsequently uploaded to YouTube.


With his tremendous popularity and after launching an official Funko Pop and official “Tulfo and Chill” hoodies, Idol Raffy is accordingly about to launch a Tulfo-branded smartphone as well.
And, hold your breath, the smartphone will come to be known as “Tulfone.”
The so-called “Tulfone” is a Cherry Mobile Flare S7 initially unveiled during the Part 10 of Tatay Alexander Gutal episode.


To recall, Tatay Alexander was “wrongfully” accused of touching a woman in a jeepney ride and subsequently beaten black and blue afterward.


The “Tulfone” edition of the Cherry Mobile Flare S7 has the same specs as the regular Flare S7 although it will have an embossed logo of Raffy Tulfo in Action and is loaded with exclusive Raffy Tulfo’s wallpaper and the “Idol” jingle ringtone.


The “Tulfone” Flare S7 is expected to be available in stores soon and has the price of P3,999. (Gelica Paulo/IAMIGO/CNS)

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