Tycoon’s second marriage is a dud. What now happens to his $ billions?


What happens now with the second wife of this tycoon whose marriage to the deceased turns out to be a fake? I’ve heard of the same story before and I thought this happens only to less privileged members of Filipino society.

Shotgun marriages, technically speaking, happens almost every single day in Manila. Some thought that this is a recent phenomenon. Lo and behold, one actually happened several decades ago in the city of Mandaluyong where supposedly a marriage between this tycoon and his second wife happened, but records show none.

No civil record and even no entry in the Catholic Church ecumenical records. The second wife allege that her marriage to the tycoon did occur when a search of it came out with nothing. Nada. Zilch.

What happens now with the tycoon’s estate? Most of his properties and assets are now under the control of the second wife. The first wife, a demure member of the Philippine principalia, does not want anything to do with the second wife, who incidentally, lives right across her mansion.

Who demands clarification but her adult children who believe that they are more worthy of administering and managing the estate than the second. The tycoon married his first in a foreign land, and the wife has the marriage certificate as proof.

With the court finding out that the second does not even have any proof that she is a legitimate one, where would this issue go?

My sources tell me that the dearly departed one loved the first very dearly but because she is Filipina, she is deemed not fit for marriage to this young scion of a wealthy Chinese traditional family. 

That explains why, at one point, the tycoon was “arranged” to meet this second wife who worked first as his secretary before eventually becoming his “official wife.” This is rather scandalous to say the least because in years past, it was the first who the tycoon presents to his friends as his legitimate wife. It just so happens that since the tycoon is Chinese, and it is important for him to be seen married to another pure-blooded Chinese, made it extremely difficult for the tycoon and the first wife to be seen together.

By the way, the comparison does not stop there– many close friends of the deceased tycoon says that the first was his lucky charm. She was the one who asked her friends to trust the tycoon, give him businesses and even asked that the tycoon’s personal banks be recognized by the Bangkok Sentral ng Pilipinas. Meaning, the first wife was the one behind the tycoon’s successful foray in business. Sadly, in the end, she is still not the one who is enjoying what he worked hard for– it is the second whose son now runs his companies.




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