National parks a boost to mental health, Aussie study shows


Going to national parks, such as Luneta, La Mesa Dam, Quezon City Memorial Circle, Pinoy Aquino wildlife, may actually be very good to one’s mental health, a study by one of Australia’s top universities reveal.

Research made by a team from the Griffith University shows that visits to national parks makes people improve their sleep, feel more healthier due to reduced stress levels and experience enhanced cognition.

This three-part study, partly financed by Parks Victoria, a government agency, involved over 20,000 people who visited Lamington and Springbrook national parks. A team from Griffith University and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service collated and analyzed the data.

By encouraging people to visit parks, costs to mental-health related problems such as absenteeism, poor productivity and antisocial behavior such as vandalism and domestic abuse become stable and at manage-able levels.

In Australia, government spends US$ 145 billion per year to treat people with poor mental health. Urging governments to spend more for development of parks means more savings in mental health expenses.


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