Sleepless nights for smuggler turn dealer as Duterte administration enters the twilight period


A highly influential source told this writer that this wealthy and young business maverick has already sent a “feeler” to one of the political heads of his principal’s counter party. Seems that this young business man who transformed from a “smuggler” to a “dealer” overnight want nothing more than secure his business interests against possible predation by the party associated with the lady who is second in command.

What this businessman does not know is that those whom he wants to befriend actually really, seriously, hate his guts. Despite his billions, he is still being treated as an outsider or in modern parlance, an outlier— the same way his principal is to traditional political power centers. And he is having several sleepless nights now especially since this guy knows how the Big Boys of Manila play the game.

The Big boys behave like vultures. They are just waiting in the wings, waiting, waiting for the businessman’s principal government backer to prolong his rest, to sleep soundly, take his meds, and choke in his sleep. And then bang! They strike with a patented brutality that only bastards of the white Neatherthals do.

Those with the aquiline noses living in that semi concrete jungle in the middle of Metro Manila think that this guy did not climb the ladder through sheer hard work–unlike his name sake who enjoys more respect from several, although still not all of Manila’s ultra elites.

The smuggler tag persists. There is this disdain for provincianos who wet their feet in the rural backwaters and found themselves facing brutish Titans wielding power handed to them since the founding of this Republic.

What the Big Boys do not know is that this businessman has another backer– a government who sees him as a son, just like how they treat another billionaire with a personal history acutely similar to him. This government has several dealings with the political powers, and they want to ensure that all of their investments will not go down the drain since they know that after the age of the Insane, they will be order.

The Status quo wins.



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