That, in a nutshell, was exactly Manila Tourism and Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Charlie Dungo may have in mind Wednesday (13 November 2019) after self-confessed artist-vandals allegedly belonging the youth group of Anakbayan, splattered their mispositioned talents at Manila’s Lagusnilad.

The group also goes by the name Panday Sining whose representative Francis Joven claimed the underpass artwork may accelerate in the next few days as artists take the streets of Manila as their “canvas.”

“The group is still calling on all artists of the town to take to the streets as a key element of progressive and nationalist artworks that will teach the Filipino people to unite to fight the Duterte regime,” Joven was quoted as saying.


It was gathered Manila Mayor Isko Moreno greatly appreciates “artists who are good in drawing but not the technique of vandalism on city walls.” As a warning, the city reminded the group about its own Anti-Vandalism Law of 1999 (Ordinance no. 7971) which stipulates penalties and corresponding fines on people violating the said ordinance. (BENJIE CUARESMA/IAMIGO/CNS)


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