Yorme banned vendors from Ilaya street to Manila


Street vendors from Ilaya Street in Divisoria have been evicted after Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso found bulk of trashes scattered everywhere during a surprise inspection around 5:30 a.m. on Monday.

“[They have] no initiative [to keep the place clean]. If they will leave [garbage] every day, then let’s prohibit all of them,” an obviously irked Domagoso said during the inspection aired on Facebook live.

Addressing some vendors in the field, he said to them: “Are you not ashamed or are you that dirty inside your own houses as well? Do I have to really shock you? I’m giving you an opportunity to work already.”

The reason of Mayor Isko’s disappointment, Huge piles of trash scattered everywhere on the street. —MANILA PIO

In an earlier interview with the Inquirer Mayor Isko said nomad vendors were only allowed only on selected streets in Divisoria: Carmen Planas, Tabora and the portion of Ilaya near Moriones and Binondo.

He emphasized that they should occupy major roads or Mabuhay Lanes such as Juan Luna Street and Recto Road.

The vendors should also comply with the city government’s requirements, Domagoso said. These included reducing the length of their stalls to 1 meter by 1 meter and ensuring that pedestrians or vehicles are not blocked from passing.

“If people [and vehicles] cannot pass because [vendors] are occupying the whole street, I will make their Christmas sad. We gave them the opportunity to sell on the condition that they observe discipline,” he added.

During the flag ceremony on Monday, he told staff at City Hall that attempts to extort money from street vendors for the holiday season had been confirmed.

“To those organizers watching, return the money that you had asked for in advance from the vendors. You’re the ones spreading the news that, ‘It’s Christmas! We’re going back to Recto,’” Domagoso said.

“You’re abusive. You are liars. You can fool the common man. If I see you, it will be different, believe me,” he warned. (Chris Figueroa)

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