Duterte’s 3 day rest, work from home

Hours after Malacañang announced that President Duterte would be taking a three day rest from his punishing schedule starting today, Malacañang cleared that he would not do so after all but would only work from his home in Davao City.
Palace said that Duterte had decided to take a break not a leave of absence for three days, not related in his health.
According to Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo, yesterday, that Duterte would still be doing paperwork while at home.
Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea take over Duterte for the meantime while the president goes on break.
“Rest lang iyon, parang pahinga lang sa kanyang maraming trabaho” Panelo later clarified during press briefing.
“Upon the advice of friends, of colleagues in the world scene and most likely the advice of the doctors,” the Presidential spokesman added.
Panelo clarified that Duterte’s three day rest is not related to his health condition. The President is not experiencing any health problem, except for previous illnesses, Panelo said.
Panelo also added that Duterte’s rest would allow to catch up on sleep.
“I told him [Duterte], every time you have eight hours sleep, you look good. I think he lacks sleep,” Panelo said.
The three day rest of the president could be extended, “everything is possible, subject to change without prior notice.” Panelo said. (Cate Pallarco)

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