Mayor Isko warns police in cahoots with Divisoria vendors


MANILA, Philippines – “I will move heaven and earth. To all the cops in the City of Manila you have a place in the countryside!”

This is Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s stern warning Monday, 11 November 2019, to police who are allegedly receiving “tangga” or bribe from vendors and organizers in Divisoria.

The mayor made his warning after the flag-raising ceremony at City Hall and after inspecting the said area of concern particularly Ylaya and Recto streets in Binondo.

Mayor Isko was accordingly overly disappointed upon seeing piles of rubbish from vendors that were left unattended in the said areas.

The Ylaya Tondo side, meantime, was comfortable and clean to the sight as the mayor visited the area.

“Sadly, after giving some vendors a chance to live (and do business) in Divisoria, they dumped rubbish on the people,” the mayor said.

According to Moreno, vendors were allowed to stay in the area but they had to comply with local government guidelines.

Owing to the mountains of garbage, “zero vendors” will be implemented or will no longer be allowed to sell in Ylaya, Binondo side it was learned.

As this happened, the mayor also notified Manila Police District Director Brig. General Bernabe Balba to inform his men assigned in Divisoria to perform their duty to the people well or suffer the consequences of being assigned away from Manila. (Cris Figueroa/IAMIGO/CNS)

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