Jim Paredes to Bato Dela Rosa: ‘Sinong pa cute?


MANILA, Philippines — Jim Paredes, a Filipino musician, being sarcastic at Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa over the “pa-cute” remark on Vice President Leni Robredo’s acceptance of being a drug czar post.

Paredes is the former member of music group APO Hiking Society and constant critic of Duterte administration, took to Twitter earlier today, Nov. 11, to share a screenshot of a meme of Dela Rosa.

In his Twitter post, Paredes questioned “Sinong pa-cute?”

Annotation 2019-11-11 155945
Photo Courtesy: instagram.com/jtgf1966

The photo was posted by jtgf1966, an Instagram user shows a mocking happy face of Dela Rosa with an exaggerated smile next appears to be a laughing puppet version of the senator.

“What a joke. And unfunny one,” the netizen said.

The photo was inserted with a caption and turned into a meme saying: “Giyera eto. You have to fight. Hindi ka pwedeng magpacute dito.”

It may be recalled that President Rodrigo Duterte ridiculed Paredes for allegedly having a “small penis” in response to his leaked sex video scandal earlier this year. (Cate Pallarco/IAMIGO/CNS)

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