Perth City: A Lovely Place by Jenalyn Despi


When you hear about the country, Australia, you will probably have Sydney or  Melbourne first in mind.  But do you know that Perth City is also a beautiful place to visit? It is a fusion of urbanization and environment, a place wherein you can enjoy both the modern infrastructures and the nature at the same time.

Perth City is the capital of Western Australia.  A relatively quiet and simple place, but its charming character and culture continuously get more attention worldwide since the advent of social media. Thanks for the raw yet well-captured photos uploaded in many social networking sites, as the natural beauty of Perth is now widely appreciated even just through internet browsing.

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But I tell you, the Perth City is much more beautiful if you experience it personally. Living here for many years, I have seen how pleasant and welcoming this city is, especially to the visitors who value and respect its communities.  The Perth – Central Business District or CBD is already a tourist attraction itself, by having state of the art buildings and historic architecture. It is known for its tourists’ sites such as the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Elizabeth Quay, Cottesloe Beach, Perth Zoo, Swan Valley and many more.  In my separate future article, I will discuss more about Swan Valley.  Yes, it is one of the most sightseen spots here in Western Australia.

Given that the Perth City is charming on its own, you will also love its people for their friendly and sincere personality.  You can attest it when you visit the place and be greeted with the famous Aussie line, “Good day, mate!” bundled with a genuine smile.  Undoubtedly, this city exudes simplicity and beauty… that everyone who travelled the Perth City may call it “A Lovely Place”. (Jenalyn Despi)


  1. So proud of you… keep that mind full of ideas and experiences blow again! We miss you writing 😚 we will wait for more 🖒🖒 #always a two-thumbs up

  2. Wooooooh hooooow… Jena!!! You never fail to make your readers crave for more if your write ups since the first time!!! Write more more more… please!!! We wish Perth is just a bus-away from here with no traffic hahahah

  3. I never knew there’s a place as such for travellers like me… hidden Perth, see you soon! Thanks for informing us, Jenalyn.

  4. Perth is far from the eastern states that’s why people don’t know much about it. Social media helps in promoting it, also by word of mouth and features like this. Thank you for promoting the beautiful Perth, Jenalyn.

  5. The name of the writer should be put at the byline to avoid confusion. The author is Jenalyn. I like her writing style.

  6. I appreciate this article about my home city. I want to say my gratitude to the author for introducing Perth to other countries like Philippines. I thought it’s Gelica but the comments say it’s Jenalyn. After reading, that’s when I saw the name of the writer Jenalyn. Why put her name at the bottom? The writer name must be next to the title.

  7. Why Gelica Paulo put her name on the byline when she’s not even from Perth. Funny isn’t it? Then the writer’s name can only be seen at the very end of the article. Pity the writer for the credit is not given to her properly. Gelica took the credit.

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