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PH, Australian navy ships conduct maritime exercises

Navy ships of the Philippines and Australia over the weekend held maritime exercises aimed at "promoting peace and stability" in the region. The Philippine Navy...

US, allies seen becoming assertive vs China

With increasingly strong talk in support of Taiwan, a new deal to supply Australia with nuclear submarines, and the launch of a European strategy...

Australia assures same commitment to Asean despite new alliance

The Indo-Pacific security pact between the United States, United Kingdom and Australia (AUKUS) does not change Canberra’s commitment to the Association of Southeast Asian...

Viral Koala rescued from fire euthanized

Manila, Philippines -- Australia's viral koala Ellenbourgh Lewis has died, according to the hospital that cared for it, as they had to euthanize the...

Perth City: A Lovely Place by Jenalyn Despi

When you hear about the country, Australia, you will probably have Sydney or  Melbourne first in mind.  But do you know that Perth City...
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