A short hair-raising, true Halloween story


CNS warning: Believe in ghosts. There is nothing for us, the living, to ever challenge or prove their presence or existence like what the author and his mother eerily experienced one fateful day before Halloween.

Here is their true Halloween account:

Each time Halloween approaches, I’m always reminded of an eerie incident that occurred during my childhood but which I recall as if it happened just yesterday.

All Saints’ Day was as special as Christmas Day for my mom that she never failed to prepare special dishes for us (the living) and the souls of our departed loved ones every 1st (day) of November.

That was until that one particular incident that nearly scared the wits out of us.

One time, after serving food on the table and setting up the plates and utensils by the exact number of “visitors” she expected to dine with us that night, in a gentle voice, my mom asked the invisible guests to prove their presence and show a sign that they are indeed with us.

I repeated what my mom said and uttered: “Make us feel your presence. Show us that you are here with us tonight.”

It was only a matter of few seconds, and as if our eyes played a trick on us, we found the whole fried chicken that was originally (placed) on a big serving plate at the center of the table transferred on a saucer, with its wings broken and its skin pinched.

The spoons and forks placed on top of every plate were also in disarray.

Scared, I dashed outside the house while my mom phoned a friend and invited some of our neighbors to come over and recount our hair-raising experience.

Since then, we skipped the practice of preparing and offering food to the dead on All Souls’ Day (November 1) as we had proven that they indeed come to mingle with the living during the said date. (JO/IAmigo/CNS)

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