Ramon Ang in relationship with Julia Barretto? Marjorie Barretto denies selling her kids to businessmen


Industrialist Ramon Ang denies ever having a relationship with young ABS-CBN 2 actress Julia Barretto. Ang’s name surfaced after the camp of Gretchen and Claudine Barretto accused or insinuated that Marjorie’s daughter with fellow actor Dennis Padilla was reportedly one of many of Marjorie’s children being “offered to business tycoons.”

“Parang apo ko na yang si Julia,” says Ang referring to the 23 year old actress.  RSA says he never once met the actress.

Ang is being identified as the one who financed or gave a house, described as a “mansion” to the young actress. Reports show that construction of the house began in 2017. The spacious, multi-level house stands near the place where her mother, Marjorie, now lives. see story here.

Rumors swirled when Nicole Barretto, a niece of Gretchen Barretto, reportedly “spilled the beans” on the alleged relationship of her aunt with former jueteng lord and now gaming consultant Charlie “Atong” Ang.  Nicole claimed that Gretchen stole Ang from her, which Ang denied. Gretchen went on by accusing Nicole of hallucinating and not being able to get over her infatuations with Ang.

Marjorie in her interview with Karen Davila, denied ever selling her kids to rich businessmen.  And I believe her.

Among the Barretto sisters, it is Marjorie who reportedly got the brains. She studied at the University of the Philippines, unlike her sister Gretchen who probably did not finish college because early on in her life, she already entered into “living arrangements” with her boyfriend, one of whom is former basketball star, Joey Loyzaga. He now lives in Australia.

Besides, Julia is probably not the kind who will follow the footsteps of her aunts. She is now currently working her butt off, appearing on shows and acting. It is quite impossible for Julia to be a “mistress” of a tycoon while in a relationship with fellow actor, Joshua Garcia, and now, reportedly with Gerald Anderson, ex-boyfriend of Bea Alonzo.

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